Dry Skin and Winter

This time of year can be tough on our skin!  Its cold, windy and just plain painful at times. The heat inside can be just as damaging, with forced dry air.   There are a few things you can do to ensure heathy, hydrated, supple feeling skin!

1.  DRINK WATER!  No one realizes how important water consumption is for our overall health, including our skin!  Making sure you are drinking enough water each day is key! The rec here:  8 - 8oz glasses of water each day or 2 liters is a good measure.  If you workout you will need to increase this!

2. USE A HEAVIER MOISTURIZER!  In winter we need to up the game in the moisturizer department.  Investing in a high quality night cream will have so many benefits.  I run super dry in the winter so I use Skincueticals Triple Lipid!  Also making sure you are moisturizing every morning will make a huge difference!

3. KEEP SKIN COVERED: If you plan to be outside for long periods of time, IE, skiing/snowboarding, ice climbing, running, etc. keep your skin COVERED!  Get a turtle fur and make sure every part of it is covered up.  *DON'T FORGET YOUR SUNSCREEN!

4. CHECKING LABELS!  If alcohol is listed among the first 6 ingredients in a product, and is only listed as "alcohol" stop using it! The type of alcohol that can dry out skin is SD Alcohol or Alcohol Denatured (abbreviated Alcohol Denat.) It will appear as ‘Alcohol’ on a label. The alcohol in SD Alcohol is Ethyl Alcohol (Ethanol). It is also found in Rubbing Alcohol. This kind of alcohol dissolves surface oil but dries out skin (because it evaporates very quickly). When skin is dried out by alcohol, the skin’s protective barrier is weakened, which opens up the skin to all sorts of issues, including the likelihood of more irritation.

5. TAKE LUKEWARM SHOWERS/BATHS:  I know, I know doing this is so hard to do when its freezing outside and trust me I am totally guilty of this, but hot water can dry out the skin, as it can remove the natural oils in the skin.  Whereas lukewarm water can keep skin hydrated. 

6. SWITCH CLEANSERS:  Switching from a gel cleanser to a milk cleanser can help those with really dry skin. I have been using Conditioning Milk Cleanser from Glo and it has made a huge difference on my dry skin.  

7. EXFOLIATE: Many times when our skin hurts from being dry the last thing we think we need is to exfoliate. However when dry skin occurs we really need to exfoliate to really get the flaky old skin off so our skin can really reep the benefits of our products.  Make sure if you do exfoliate you follow these rules:  If using a retinol (a chemical exfoliant)  use only once or twice a week to avoid over exfoliation.  If using a facial scrub (a mechanical exfoliant) make sure the granules are super small and fine. If they are too large (such as most drug store brands)  they typically damage and dry out the skin!

8. ADD IN A HYDRATION SERUM:  Adding a hydration serum can always help.  Hydrating B5 Gel from Skincueticals has been my go to when I just need a bit more than my moisturizer can give me

9.  SEE YOUR ESTHETICIAN! Getting regular skincare treatments always improves your skin's overall health!





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